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Mason County

Need not appear tickets are indicated on the bottom of your citation. If you wish to send in your payment, please sign the back of the blue copy of the citation at the bottom and forward with your payment to: Mason County Circuit Clerk 125 N Plum Havana IL 62644 OR Pay online at Judici.com Offense Fine Speeding 1 to 20 miles perhour over the posted limit                           $120.00 Speeding 21 to 25 miles per hour over the posted limit                           $140.00 Failure to wear seat belt                              $60.00 We do not accept personal checks. Please use a money order or cashier's check and make it payable to the Mason County Circuit Clerk. Personal checks will be returned.If you wish to obtain court supervision, you must contact the State's Attorney's Office at 309-543-4212 and ask to be placed on the supervision list for the court date on the bottom of your citation. If you are placed on court supervision, we do not report it to the Secretary of State as a conviction.